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We supply laboratory Instruments, Glassware, Chemicals and all kinds of Laboratory consumbles etc., for R&D, University, Industries, Institutions, Factories, Colleges, Schools, etc,. Some of our listings of LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS are Calorimeters, Centrifuges, Microscopes, Microtome, Hot Air Ovens, Muffle furnaces, Water baths, Water Stills, Autoclave, Incubators, Deep Freezer, Fume Cupboard, Humidity chamber, Laminarflowbench, Magentic Stirrer, Morturay Chamber, Orbital Shaker, Vacuum Oven, Spectrophotometers, TDS meter, pH Meters, Conductivity meters, BOD Incubators, Single Pan & Digital Balance, Chemicals Balance, C&S Apparatus, Glass distillation apparatus, OHP, Side projector, Petroleum Instruments and other laboratory instruments.

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